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London-Sheffield International Conference on Diagnostic Imaging


‘Sheffield educational programme on diagnostic imaging’ started 20 years ago with the support of consultant colleagues in Sheffield and other centres in the UK. Brainchild of Professor Sam Morcos (Professor Emiretus of Radiology at the University of Sheffield), every two years an educational meeting was organised in different parts of the developing world in liaison with the local radiological professional body in each country. All the speakers covered their own travel expenses and did not receive honorarium for their lectures. They were all committed to medical education and building professional and cultural relations with colleagues worldwide.


    1. Promotion of education of Diagnostic Imaging particularly amongst colleagues around the world who did not have the opportunity to attend International Conferences.
    1. Focus on good standards of common radiological practices with some updates on recent developments.
    1. Contribution from local speakers to the scientific programme was encouraged.
    1. Cultural and social interaction with radiology fraternity worldwide.


Previous meetings were held in Cairo Egypt 1994, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 1996, Shanghai China 1998, Dhaka Bangladesh 2000, Kerala India 2003, Nairobi Kenya 2005, Karachi Pakistan 2007, Cairo Egypt 2009 and Kampala Uganda in 2010.

In 2014, Professor Morcos handed over the organisation of future meetings to his colleagues from London. Dr. Syed Babar Ajaz of Imperial College London in the lead and his Colleagues  assisting him, organisation of the future conferences continued with the original ethos of the group as their core value. The conferences were rebranded as London-Sheffield International Radiology Conferences reflecting the new organisers’ location and honouring the original team. Professor Morcos and his team carried on with participation in conference programmes.

The meeting of 2014 in Dharan, Nepal was organised by the new team in liaison with Prof. Raj Runiyar of Nepal Radiological Society.

This was followed by conference in Daressalam Tanzania in 2016, organised in collaboration with Medical Radiology and Imaging Professional Council of Tanzania (MRIPC).

2018 conference is being organised in August 2018 in Jakarta Indonesia.


Professor Sam Morcos delivering the opening keynote address in Dharan Nepal during the 2014 conference